2024 - January/February

Latest Issue:
2024 - January/February

The collection of articles spans diverse aspects of software development and technology. Sahil Malik's exploration of web API authentication underscores the intricacies involved in validating access tokens, focusing on identity, security, and best practices. Paul Sheriff provides practical guidance on XML serialization and validation in .NET 6/7, covering rules, control mechanisms, and effective usage for C# objects. Kevin Goff delves into SQL Server data handling, offering recommendations and insights into various scenarios, including subqueries, logging, and handling null values. Shawn Wildermuth introduces "Bun," a JavaScript tool with potential revolutionary impact, emphasizing its speed, compatibility, and support for server-side JavaScript development. Lastly, Mike Yeager introduces Semantic Kernel (SK), an open-source AI framework for .NET, highlighting its role in abstracting large language models, handling complex implementations, and aiding user-generated content integration.

Articles in the Latest Issue:

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