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2022 - September/October

On Sale now: 2022 - September/October

  • Rod hits a creative wall and expores how to climb over it. Take the downtime you need. Get outside without your tech. Revisit what makes you creative, and finally, embrace what works.
  • If your system relies on username and passwords for security, you may be in trouble. Sahil describes how an application can securely trust a user's identity using modern softw...
  • Yet Another Reverse Proxy (YARP) might sound like something you’d rather not do, but Shawn shows you how it can improve performance if you’ve got microservices, load balancing...
  • The second installment in Paul’s new series refactors the code you built in Part 1 to make it more reusable. You’ll also learn to get data from a view, handle multiple result ...
  • You need full control of how your functionality is implemented. Vassili tells you how to use classes and objects for great control, and how to implement them in C# in this art...
  • In his story about how to set up benchmarks in Visual Studio 2022, Joydip teaches you how to create baselines, and then execute many types of benchmarks and interpret the results.
  • After examining persisted system states in a relational database, Jeremy discovers that he needs to use the Marten library to provide robust support for Event Sourcing.
  • Power BI seems to have everything you need for data analytics. Helen shows you how to get the most out of it and how to make some cool charts, too.
  • Learn to create Cloud Native Buildpacks to create container images without a Dockerfile.
  • There’s more to the role of a consultant than showing up and pounding out line after line of software code. Modern consulting includes recommendations and the basis for making...

Consulting & Custom Software

CODE's primary division is devoted to custom software development, consulting and mentoring for Microsoft, Apple, Google platforms and beyond.

Founded in 1993 by Markus Egger, CODE Consulting has top-level experts in all relevant .NET technologies - either directly on staff, or accessible through our large network, such as our CODE Magazine authors, our trainers, or through Microsoft MVP and RD networks. We do not claim to know everything, but we do claim to have access to the top-experts!

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Legacy Systems

Get the most out of your legacy systems, or turn them into state-of-the-art technology!

Legacy code is everywhere! And it needs to be maintained and brought forward. This is often difficult, but we can help! We are experts in moving older systems forward to the latest and greatest technologies, and do so in the least interruptive way. We can help with conversion projects of various kinds. We can also help maintaining your older projects as long as needed. We have tools. We have processes. We can train existing staff on new technologies based on their current expertise.

VFP Conversion

We can help converting legacy systems of various kinds, whether you need to move an old Visual Basic app forward, or whether you need to move from Windows to the Web or Mobile. We can help with your database conversion needs of various kinds. However, the service that people come to us most often, and the combination of technologies you won't find anywhere else, falls under our "VFP Conversion" label.

If you need your Visual FoxPro application converted to a newer technology, there simply isn't anyone else who offers the same service. VFP Conversion (and is an effort we have now maintained and developed for close to two decades. Our level of expertise in this area is unprecedented (for instance, we have former members of the Microsoft Visual FoxPro team on staff). And we also have tools and lots of free information. Click here to find out more!

Strategic Staff Augmentation

CODE Staffing is dedicated to augmenting your software development team.

We have top-level experts in all technologies, available either on-site or remotely! Need a skill that no one on your team possesses? Need temporary staff to meet a deadline? CODE Staffing can help! With CODE Staffing, you not only get the professional you need on your team, but you also gain access to the entire CODE Developer Network of experts!

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CODE Framework

Developers! Check out CODE Magazine’s free, open-source CODE Framework available from CodePlex and through the Visual Studio Extensions Manager. The CODE Framework consists of various components and tools that help developers with common aspects of business application development, simplified SOA, WPF, data access, and much more. Our purpose for the CODE Framework is to enable productive, flexible, and highly maintainable business application development. Give it a try and see what everyone is talking about!

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