FoxPro & Visual FoxPro (VFP) Conversion Tools

Converting Visual FoxPro Applications into a new environment or technology is never an automatic task. (Yes, we know there are companies who claim otherwise, but we recommend you take a very close look at what they are trying to sell you.) Tools however, can help with many tasks, ranging from assessing the project, to converting data, and even converting various assets such as reports and UI definitions.

Some of our tools are available for free - such as our Project (PJX) Analyzer. Others we only make available as part of our services. Contact us for more details on all of our tools.

PJX Analyzer

Need to know how difficult it will be to convert your project and how long it will take? Get our FREE Project (PJX) Analyzer tool and find out!

Other Tools

Do you need to convert data, user interfaces, or reports? We may be able to help you with these too. Contact or email us at for more information.