About CODE Consulting

CODE Consulting is widely recognized for advanced technical expertise and the ability to help companies world-wide build better software with modern technologies.

CODE Consulting is the consulting arm of EPS Software Corp., a Houston, Texas consulting company founded in 1993, by renowned industry expert, Markus Egger, a former contractor to the Microsoft Visual Studio Team, a Microsoft MVP since 1995, and currently the Microsoft Regional Director for the Central USA Region.

Our main focus is building custom software applications on any scale, from small consultations, to start to finish custom software projects that last for years and involve large teams of people. We provide software development, mentoring, project management and architectural know-how. We use a variety of tools and technologies such as .NET, iOS, Android, Web, Mobile, Cloud, Services, various Databases, and more. We can help you build applications better and faster, and help you improve quality, maintainability and reduce your time to market, thus reducing the risks that are inherent in every software development project.

How can we do all this? We have excellent people, a repeatable process, powerful existing technology, and great infrastructure that we bring to every project. But don't take our word for it! Ask around the community and check our references (including Microsoft).

We know you'll be impressed.

Largest Software Companies in Houston 2015   Houston's Best Places To Work 2013   Largest Software Companies in Houston 2012   Largest Software Companies in Houston 2011  

Largest Software Companies in Houston 2010   Largest Software Companies in Houston 2009   Largest Software Companies in Houston 2006   CODE Consulting's employees have received for Microsoft MVP Awards than any other company.  

CODE Consulting is a Microsoft Certified Partner. Markus Egger, CODE Consulting's Founder and Chief Software Architect is the Microsoft Regional Director (RD) for the Central US Region. CODE Consulting has a number of employees that are part of the INETA Community Speaker's Program.     TX Excellence Award 2013

Our Services

CODE Consulting offers a wide range of software consulting services focusing on custom software development, mentoring, software architecture, and project management. This includes various platforms, such as Windows, Web, Mobile Devices (including iOS and Android), Services, Databases, and more. We also specialize in converting older software, such as VB, and Visual FoxPro into today's technologies.

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Current Special Offers

Vision and Scope Project Analysis

Get 25% off your Vision & Scope!

That's $2,500 in savings!

A Vision & Scope Workshop is the first step toward a successful project. These workshops are planning meetings during which all project stakeholders get together and discuss the overall vision for a project to determine the important aspects, boundary conditions, potential timeframe, priorities, and wants versus needs etc. We use our experience earned from other successful projects to help judge effort levels and required skills.

So don't wait! Get 25% off your Vision & Scope today and hit the ground running!

Email us or call 832-717-4445 ext. 9

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CODE Framework Training & Mentoring

Looking for a head start on your next business application?

Try CODE Framework, a free open-source development framework from Markus Egger, CODE Consulting, and the makers of CODE Magazine. The Framework consists of various components and tools that help developers with common aspects of business application development, such as simplified Service Oriented Architecture development with various clients, WPF development, data access, and much more!

Check our our CODE Framework web page for details.

Email us or call 832-717-4445 ext. 9

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Mentoring & Custom Training

Get 20 Hours of Mentoring for only $3,000!

CODE Consulting is proud to announce a no risk, introductory offer aimed at helping your team get started on your next project!

With the leading industry experts at CODE, enjoy 20 hours of mentoring and access to our experts for ONLY $3,000!

Whether it's general architecture and design questions, CODE Framework related, ASP.NET, Azure, WPF, C#, SOA, SQL, HTML, or Mobile (everything .NET and iOS and Android too!) our experts can help you with your project.

Email info@codemag.com or call 832-717-4445 ext. 9 for more information!

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CODE Services

Windows Azure & Other Clouds Windows Application Development Web Sites and Web Applications Mobile Development Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) Microsoft SQL Server VFP Conversion Projects Visual FoxPro Development Vision and Scope Project Analysis CODE Framework Training & Mentoring Mentoring & Custom Training Project Rescue

This is a short selection from the wide range of services from CODE Consulting. For a complete list of our services, click here.


I’ve been doing some system testing using the programs you’ve modified and the results are great – both in terms of “correct result” and improved performance. In fact, the performance gain of the processes we have revised is spectacular (and I am not prone to hyperbole). I am especially proud of the way we’ve been able to make to such safe, tiny “incisions” in this part of our code-set and get such a monumental boost in performance.

Kevin Lane

Senior Software Developer
Springer-Miller Systems

I would like to commend you guys on always meeting the deadlines for my client demos and your overall communication with us to complete the project including both your correspondence and videos that are provided.

John Meredith

VP Sales and Marketing
Common Goals Software

The CODE technical staff always goes the extra mile to not only solve the immediate issue, but also provide solutions and knowledge to prevent future issues. We choose CODE because it provided a flexible framework to quickly build a user friendly interface to process complex business transactions.

Adam Blick

Scrap Dragon Software

I cannot thank you all enough for all the work that has been put in to make our project a reality. And how much the information directly assists our members that make such a huge difference in patients lives. The stories we hear are heart warming and it takes all of us to make it happen. It's a pleasure working with each of you.

Melissa Merrell

Manager of Formulations

When we have future IT consulting requirements, I will definitely be giving CODE Consulting a call.

Linda Hammons

Dooley Tackaberry, Inc.

The CODE Framework will save my team's development time by approximately 60%. If you don't mind can I also suggest to my director the possibilities of building a relationship with you guys? We really need honest guys in the software industry to help us out.

Trenton D'Souza

Virbac Corporation

This learning something new by having a mentor? Oh, my gosh, it’s such a change from the by-the-seat-of-our-pants we always had to do. It’s fantastic. Jeff is terrific! He's very patient, flexible and understandable.

Nancy Folsom

Pixel Dust Industries