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Brought to you by CODE Consulting and CODE Magazine, these free events are designed for developers and IT decision makers. Join us online or in-person at one of these free events for a presentation loaded with content and no fluff! Speakers like Markus Egger, Microsoft RD and one of the longest running MVPs, will provide inside information and real-world experiences. This is NOT marketing hype! We will discuss which technologies are worth investing time and money in, and which ones to avoid.

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CODE Presents: Secure Microservices presented by Alexander Pirker


Wednesday, October 12, 2022 - Only 8 days to go!

Building microservices is hard, sometimes even exhausting and painful. Building them secure turns out even harder. That’s because microservices come with so many moving parts, like for instance the chosen programming language, the number of services, how they communicate etc. In this session, I provide you a guideline to cover many security concerns you face during development: - How to protect the communications of services - How to properly implement authentication and authorization - How to implement access control lists - How to arrange middleware layers - How to protect Pods in Kubernetes - How to sanitize input data - How to hide secrets

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CODE Presents: Improving String Handling Performance in C#


Wednesday, November 9, 2022 - Only 5 weeks to go!

A string is an immutable type, which means that once you have created a string object, you cannot change it in any way. When you change or modify a string object, a new instance is created. There are several ways to overcome this performance issue. This session talks about how strings are represented in the CLR memory, the performance challenges you would often encounter when working with strings and how to fix them in C#. The following points are covered: 1. Understanding the CLR A. How are strings represented in memory? B. Introduction to strings in C# C. Strings in C#: The performance pitfalls 2. Improving string handling performance A. Fast string allocations B. String interning C. Using StringBuilders D. Reducing allocations a. String.Create b. Span<T> c. Memory<T> 3. Benchmarking performance using BenchmarkDotNet 4. Conclusion

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CODE Presents: Costs and Benefits of .NET Application Migration to the Cloud

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CODE Presents: Introducing Photino!

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