Sunava Dutta

Sunava Dutta

Sunava Dutta is the AJAX Program Manager (PM) on the Internet Explorer team. He started in 2005 as the PM for XMLHttpRequest, and more recently has been the driving force behind the AJAX story for developers with features that enable cross-domain scenarios, local storage, and script-based state management. A bit of a rebel, Sunava likes to defy old-school thinking and specifically was instrumental in raising the number of concurrent connections per host in Internet Explorer from 2 to 6.

Sunava is also the Microsoft liaison and an active participant in the W3C’s Web Applications Working Group, having contributed to XMLHttpRequest and Access Control. His other standards participation has included HTML 5.0.

Before joining Microsoft, Sunava studied at the University Of Pennsylvania and received a degree in Computers and Telecommunications Engineering with a minor in mathematics and economics.

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