Karl Bridge

Karl Bridge

Karl Bridge is a Programming Writer, specializing in developer content, for the Windows Experience (WEX) organization at Microsoft.

As the name implies, WEX is focused on the Windows user experience for consumers, IT professionals, and developers. Karl has written extensively for MSDN and the Windows SDK with a focus on making the Windows developer community a happy and integral part of the Windows experience. Prior contributions include the developer documentation for managed UI Automation and the Windows Vista Sidebar platform.

Causing confusion, consternation, and occasional despair amongst Karl's family, friends, and co-workers are his mid-Atlantic sensibilities-a confluence of English eccentricity tempered with Canadian reserve and further jumbled by numerous strolls through Europe, the Middle East, North Africa, and Asia. Fortunately, Karl has a spell-checker and an editor to buffer readers from the inevitable mélange of mid-Atlantic spelling and grammar.

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