Ellen Whitney

Ellen Whitney

Vice President and CFO

Ellen Whitney is the Vice President and CFO of EPS Software Corporation/CODE Consulting. She is also Managing Editor of CODE Magazine, and a founding director of CODE Staffing Corp.

Ellen has an extensive backround as a senior developer specializing in the design and implementation of object-oriented software systems. Her thorough knowledge of the development process has benefited many clients as well as having made her a lecturer and international author.

Detailed Bio

Ellen Whitney is a multi-faceted professional with a passion for software development and business management. She holds several key positions at EPS Software Corporation/CODE Consulting and CODE Staffing, where she applies her skills and experience to various aspects of the software industry.

As the Vice President and CFO of EPS Software Corporation/CODE Consulting, Ellen oversees the financial operations and strategic planning of the company. She also collaborates with the Sales and Marketing Departments to ensure that the company delivers high-quality solutions and services to its clients.

As a founding director of CODE Staffing Corp., Ellen manages the financial affairs and corporate direction of the company. CODE Staffing helps connect talented software professionals with suitable job opportunities in the IT industry.

As the Managing Editor of CODE Magazine, Ellen is in charge of producing and publishing one of the leading magazines for software developers. She works with a team of editors, writers, designers, and advertisers to create engaging and informative content for software developers.

Ellen has a strong background as a senior developer who specializes in object-oriented software systems. She has designed and implemented many successful projects for clients across various domains. She has also shared her knowledge and expertise through lectures and publications.

Ellen enjoys spending her spare time on various hobbies and activities. She likes to express her creativity through watercolor & pastel painting. She also likes to stay fit and healthy by hiking, lifting weights, yoga, and cycling both indoors and outdoors.

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