Allison DePaoli

Allison DePaoli

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A veteran of the insurance and benefits industry, Allison has been helping companies provide benefits to their employees for over thirty years. After serving as Vice President of Operations for the family employee benefits firm, she relocated to San Antonio and began her career in the voluntary (enhanced!) benefits niche. She went on to become a top 1% sales producer and found her passion as she learned how to effectively engage employees in making their benefits plan work for them.

Allison later founded De Paoli Professional Services in 2015, allowing her to deliver best in class Enhanced Benefits (formerly known as Voluntary Benefits) as well as effective enrollment and implementation strategies.
Shortly thereafter, the firm expanded again to offer the best in class employee benefits.

Her mission is to help employers find budgeting predictability in their health care spend, with the happy side effect of lower out of pocket costs for employees and better access to high quality care.

In 2019, the name of the firm was changed to Altiqe to better reflect the expanded scope of services.

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