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Friday, October 08, 2010
CodeCast Episode 92: Windows Live Essentials 2011 with Kip Kniskern of

In this episode of CodeCast, Ken Levy interviews Kip Kniskern who is the Managing Editor of the blog and website. Discussion on, and in-depth on Windows Live Essentials 2011 which includes Messenger, Hotmail, Mail Desktop, Photo Gallery, FrameIt, Movie Maker, Calendar, Groups, Bing Bar, SkyDrive (including Office Web Apps), Mesh, Writer, Live ID, Family Safety, Outlook Connector Pack (includes Outlook Hotmail Connector and Outlook Social Connector Provider for Windows Live Messenger), Gallery,, Windows Live on mobile, and Spaces moving to






·         Windows Live Essentials:

·         List of Windows Live products and services:

Length: 01:06:30

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RE: CodeCast Episode 92: Windows Live Essentials 2011 with Kip Kniskern of
Sunday, October 24, 2010 12:46 PM by JohnCz

As Ken stated, there was alot of service experimentation early on with Windows Live. Just a hunch, but their learnings probably revealed that most consumers don't bother setting up personalized pages (ie My Yahoo, My Live/MSN, iGoogle, etc). I think Wave 4 was a reset from the past. I really appreciate the renewed focus and streamlined services/apps.

I also would like to see Live Mesh application syncing extended in Wave 5. I can see developers including a configuration file (ex. mesh.xml) to specify resources to be included in syncing. Within Windows, there is so much more that probably should be sync'd between computers...ex. speech/handwriting recognition profiles. But I also think they shouldn't go overboard with this. Ken's example to sync Office ribbon customizations could be problematic if there addons that are not installed on the computer you are syncing with. Also, we might be moving into an era where slate PCs could meet the needs of most consumers...thus minimizing the need to sync application settings.

For Wave 5, I'm sure we'll see...
- HTML5 variant if local browser supports it
- Custom Domains/Live Admin Center to become more prominantly offered during account signup
- Addin for Windows Desktop Search to integrate SkyDrive into search results
- SkyDrive web ui to get multiple file operations
- Additional Photo Album display options

Though, Microsoft could make an even bigger bet with Wave 5 and integrate Windows 8 in a major way with Windows Live. Perhaps moving the entire profile/registry to Windows Live and hosting the users installed apps from there using something like App-V.

I didn't mention Office Web Apps because I think they will continually be enhanced out of band from Windows Live as a whole.

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