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Friday, February 26, 2010
CodeCast Episode 71: Microsoft MVP Summit and Windows Phone 7 Series

In this episode of CodeCast, co-hosts Ken Levy and Gary Short discuss the non-NDA details of the recent Microsoft MVP Summit in Redmond, WA, along with a discussion on how MVPs contribute to the community and how MVPs and the MVP Summit helps developers and users who aren’t MVPs. Also discussed is the recent news around Windows Phone 7 Series including some details and expectations of the developer story for the new mobile platform to be announced at the MIX10 in mid March.


·         Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP)

·         Windows Mobile 7 Series

·         Windows Phone Blog

Length: 01:04:09

Direct download: CodeCast_071.mp3 - Size: 59MB


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Categories: Microsoft MVP Summit, MVP, Windows Mobile, Windows Phone, Windows Mobile 7 Series, Zune

Monday, February 22, 2010
CodeCast Episode 70: Code Camp with Chris Kinsman and Walt Ritscher

In this episode of CodeCast, Ken Levy discusses the topic of Code Camp events with Chris Kinsman and Walt Ritscher. While the discussion is about organizing and attending Code Camp events in general, the upcoming Seattle Code Camp is discussed as an example event. Code Camp is a type of community event where developers talk with-and learn from-fellow developers, free, and anyone is welcome to attend and speak. An original Code Camp organizer, Thom Robbins, wrote a six-point manifesto: Code Camps are (1) by and for the developer community; (2) always free; (3) community developed material; (4) no fluff - only code; (5) community ownership; and (6) never occur during working hours. Seattle Code Camp v5.0 - April 17-18, 2010 - Redmond, WA (Microsoft Commons center).


·         Seattle Code Camp (Apr 17-18) -

·         Blog:

·         Twitter: @SeattleCodeCamp

Length: 31:08

Direct download: CodeCast_070.mp3 - Size: 29MB


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Categories: CodeCamp

Wednesday, February 17, 2010
CodeCast Episode 69: Virtual Brown Bag Meetings with Claudio Lassala

In this episode of CodeCast, Ken Levy interviews Claudio Lassala, lead developer at EPS Software, and primary host of the free weekly Virtual Brown Bag meetings online via Live Meeting. The idea of a brown bag meeting is simple: once a week, people bring their “brown bag lunch” to the conference room, and we share tips and tricks. In order to cater for that online, we’re starting a “virtual” brown bag meeting. The meetings are hosted by the Virtual ALT.NET website through LiveMeeting (one of the most important aspects of ALT.NET is “continuous improvement”. The weekly schedule is every Thursday at 12:00pm noon CT (1pmET/10amPT). Claudio discusses the history, recent activity, participation information, benefits, and future plans for the Virtual Brown Bag (VBB) meetings.


·         Claudio Lassala - Blog:, Twitter:, Band:


·         Virtual Brown Bag (VBB):

Length: 25:14

Direct download: CodeCast_069.mp3 - Size: 23MB


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Categories: Virtual Brown Bag (VBB)

Tuesday, February 16, 2010
CodeCast Episode 68: Convention over Configuration, AOP with JB

In this episode of CodeCast, co-hosts Ken Levy and Markus Egger are joined by JB who is a software developer at EPS Software. JB talks about Convention over Configuration as a general theme, about creating applications so you only have to write the code that matters rather than a bunch of code to wire things up. Technology wise, its AOP (Aspect Oriented Programming) with PostSharp, Prism, StructureMap, etc., but the idea that binds all these things together is Convention over Configuration.


·         JB - Blog:, Twitter:


·         Convention over Configuration MSDN article by Jeremy Miller

·         Prism / Composite WPF

·         PostSharp

·         StructureMap

·         Fluent NHibernate

·         Advanced WPF Workshop (Free Online Webinar) by JB (Feb 20 9:00am-1:00pm CT)

Length: 57:29

Direct download: CodeCast_068.mp3 - Size: 53MB


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Categories: Methodology

Thursday, February 11, 2010
CodeCast Episode 67: VS 2010 IDE Shell with Weston Hutchins

In this episode of CodeCast, Ken Levy interviews Weston Hutchins, program manager on the Visual Studio Shell team (team responsible for the core IDE services and extensibility architecture as well as the overall look and feel of Visual Studio). Weston has worked extensively with the Ecosystem team during the Visual Studio 2010 product cycle to design the New Project Dialog and the Extension Manager. In this episode, Weston gives a tour of the new IDE shell features of Visual Studio 2010 including the various components that are new, enhanced, WPF based, etc., as well as some cool tips as preparation for upgrading from VS 2008 to VS 2010.


·         Weston Hutchins - Visual Studio Blog


·         Visual Studio developer center

·         Visual Studio Extensibility developer center

·         Visual Studio Gallery

Length: 46:14

Direct download: CodeCast_067.mp3 - Size: 42MB


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Categories: Visual Studio 2010, Visual Studio SDK, Visual Studio Gallery, Extension Manager

Monday, February 08, 2010
CodeCast Episode 66: SOLID with Claudio Lassala

In this episode of CodeCast, co-hosts Ken Levy and Gary Short interview Claudio Lassala, a C# MVP, INETA Speaker, MCSD.NET, and Software Developer at EPS Software. Claudio gives an overview and discusses in depth the principles, practices, and benefits of using SOLID for .NET development.


·         Claudio Lassala - Blog:, Twitter:, Band:


·         Virtual Brown Bag

·         CODE: S.O.L.I.D. Software Development, One Step at a Time

·         Agile Principles, Patterns, and Practices in C#

·         Claudio on SOLID for the Virtual S1, S2, D

·         SOLID series on DimeCasts

Length: 01:04:59

Direct download: CodeCast_066.mp3 - Size: 59MB


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Categories: SOLID, .NET

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