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Thursday, January 28, 2010
CodeCast Episode 65: iPad, Tablet/Slate/Netbook PCs, Kindle, EPUB

In this episode of CodeCast, co-hosts Ken Levy and Markus Egger discuss in depth the new Apple iPad for both consumers/users and developers/businesses. This special show includes a detailed conversation of all the key details (hardware and software) of the newly announced iPad, with discussions on how it relates to PC based tablets, slates, and netbooks. The chat also includes how iPad and relative PC based devices can be used by developers in various ways for productivity and education. Plus, how the iPad is both a competitor and complement to Kindle devices and Amazon Kindle eBooks, as well as developers publishing content via EPUB format. CODE Magazine is available electronically via Kindle format which also includes reading on a PC (Mac soon), iPhone, iPod Touch, and on iPad via the free Kindle app.


·         Apple iPad

·         iLounge: First Look In Progress: Apple iPad

·         EPUB

·         CODE Magazine on Kindle store

·         CodeCast Episode 48: iPhone Development for .NET Developers

Length: 01:24:00

Direct download: CodeCast_065.mp3 - Size: 77MB


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Categories: Apple, iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, Microsoft, Multi-Touch, Tablet PC, Kindle

Friday, January 15, 2010
CodeCast Episode 64: MSBuild with Chuck England

In this episode of CodeCast, Ken Levy interviews Chuck England who is a program manager on the Visual Studio platform team at Microsoft responsible for MSBuild. This in-depth technical and scenario discussion includes detailed information on how and why to use MSBuild, either with Visual Studio 2008 or with new added features in Visual Studio 2010. New MSBuild features in VS 2010 include: New object model, new scheduler, Visual C++ now supported under MSBuild, new language features.


·         Visual Studio Blog

·         MSBuild Reference

·         New Object Model

·         C++ Support

·         Inline Tasks

·         Property Functions

·         Before / After Targets

Length: 01:09:53

Direct download: CodeCast_064.mp3 - Size: 64MB


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Categories: MSBuild, Visual Studio, Visual Studio 2010

Friday, January 08, 2010
CodeCast Episode 63: 2009 Year in Review

In this special episode of CodeCast, co-hosts Ken Levy, Markus Egger, and Gary Short summarize news, technologies, and products from 2009, then discuss predictions and new year resolutions for 2010.

Overall 2009 in review (Intro)
Windows 7 (14:10)
Expression and Visual Studio 2010 (22:10)
Tech industry news, Oracle buying Sun (24:57)
NUI (Natural User Interface) (28:56)
Digital content and readers (37:14)
Design UI, web, and client apps (41:39)
ASP.NET MVC (50:00)
Prism and MVVM pattern, RIA services (58:27)
Azure (59:18)
Virtualization (01:01:20)
Silverlight and WPF (01:05:31)
Bing (01:07:09)
Online multimedia (01:15:19)
Mobile devices and platforms (01:16:52)
Social media, content, and platforms (01:24:15)
2010 predictions (01:31:00)
New year resolutions, 2009 predictions review (01:37:29)

Length: 01:45:46

Direct download: CodeCast_063.mp3 - Size: 97MB


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Categories: ASP.NET MVC, Azure, Bing, Dynamic Languages, eBooks, Expression, Extension Manager, Microsoft, Microsoft Platform, RIA Services, Silverlight, Twitter, Virtualization, Visual Studio 2010, Windows 7, Windows Mobile, Windows Phone

Tuesday, January 05, 2010
CodeCast Episode 62: GiveCamp with Chris Koenig

In this episode of CodeCast, Ken Levy interviews Chris Koenig, a developer evangelist for Microsoft in the Dallas, Texas offices. This is an in-depth discussion about the history, status, and roadmap for GiveCamp events in various cities. GiveCamp was an idea hatched by Chris a few years ago, and now there are many GiveCamp events organized around the country with expansion plans this year. GiveCamp is a weekend long event where software developers, designers, and database administrators donate their time to create custom software for non-profit organizations. Some events focus on a specific technology like Microsoft .NET using Visual Studio or Expression Web. But using other technologies is often a possibility such as using Graffiti, Sitefinity, DotNetNuke, Wordpress, Joomla, mojoPortal, Drupal, etc. The custom software created at GiveCamp could be a new website, a small data-collection application to keep track of members, Facebook page, a rich client or even a mobile application..This episode of CodeCast is educational for any developers or organizers considering volunteering to participate in and benefit from an upcoming GiveCamp event.


·         Chris Koenig - Blog:, Twitter:


·         GiveCamp:

·         @GiveCamp:

Length: 62:15

Direct download: CodeCast_062.mp3 - Size: 57MB


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Categories: GiveCamp, Microsoft, Microsoft Platform

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