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Thursday, July 02, 2009
CodeCast Episode 29: Dynamic Language Features in C# 4.0 with Alexandru Ghiondea

In this episode of CodeCast, Ken Levy interviews Alexandru Ghiondea who is a QA test engineer on the C# compiler team focused on the area of new dynamic language features in C# 4.0 (Visual Studio 2010). Alexandru discusses how the new dynamic features in C# 4.0 relates to dynamic features of VB, how C# 4.0 will improve areas such as COM programming support (dynamic methods, late binding of COM, etc)., and how C# 4.0 is improved interop with dynamic languages like IronPython and IronRuby,


·         Blog:


·         C# Developer Center:

Length: 18:29

Direct download: CodeCast_029.mp3 - Size: 17MB


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Categories: C# 4, C#, Dynamic Languages, Languages, IronPython, IronRuby, Visual Studio, Visual Studio 2010

Thursday, June 25, 2009
CodeCast Episode 28: Adding Features to C# and VB Compilers with Sam Ng

In this episode of CodeCast, Ken Levy interviews Sam Ng who is a developer on the C# compiler team at Microsoft, discussing processes for adding new features to the C# compiler and language, including new features coming in Visual Studio 2010.


·         Sam Ng – Blog:


·         Channel 9: Inside C# 4.0: dynamic typing, optional parameters, covariance and contravariance

Length: 30:38

Direct download: CodeCast_028.mp3 - Size: 28MB


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Categories: Languages, C#, Visual Studio, Visual Studio 2010, Channel 9

Thursday, June 11, 2009
CodeCast Episode 26: IronRuby with Jimmy Schementi

In this episode of CodeCast, Ken Levy interviews Jimmy Schementi who is a program manager on the IronRuby team at Microsoft. Jimmy discusses his role on the IronRuby team, how IronRuby relates to Microsoft’s other .NET program languages, scenarios for using IronRuby, and Microsoft’s roadmap for IronRuby.


·         Jimmy Schementi – Blog:, Twitter:


·         IronRuby homepage:

·         Jimmy Schementi on Channel 9: Inside IronRuby

Length: 42:08

Direct download: CodeCast_026.mp3 - Size: 39MB


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Categories: Languages, IronRuby, Dynamic Languages, Channel 9

Thursday, June 04, 2009
CodeCast Episode 25: Advanced .NET Programming with Eric Lippert

In this episode of CodeCast, Ken Levy interviews Eric Lippert who is a senior software design engineer at Microsoft. Eric has been working at Microsoft on developer tools and languages since 1996, and has assisted with the design and implementation of VBScript, JScript, JScript .NET, Windows Script Host, Visual Studio Tools for Office and C#.

Some of the many questions and topics Eric discusses include: What forces influence language designers when (1) choosing what features go into a language and (2) deciding how those features are exposed to the user? Why is LINQ syntax structured they way it is relative to standard SQL? How does the C# compiler functionality reflect how C# programming is thought of and designed? What process does Microsoft use in general to decide what goes into the next major release of the languages?


·         Eric Lippert – Blog:


·         Eric Lippert on Channel 9


Direct download: CodeCast_025.mp3 - Size: 40MB


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Categories: Languages, LINQ, SQL Server, C#, Channel 9

Thursday, May 14, 2009
CodeCast Episode 22: F# with Chris Smith

In this episode of CodeCast, Ken Levy interviews Chris Smith from Microsoft’s F# language team on F#, functional programming, his new F# book, F# for VS 2008, upcoming F# inclusion in VS 2010, and why F# is useful to C# and VB developers.


·         Chris Smith – Blog:, Twitter:


·         Programming F# by Chris Smith

·         F# Developer Center –

Length: 28:21

Direct download: CodeCast_022.mp3 - Size: 26MB


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Categories: Languages, C#, F#, Visual Basic, Visual Studio

Thursday, May 07, 2009
CodeCast Episode 21: .NET, Java, Oracle-Sun, New IT Cold War with Ted Neward

Ken Levy interviews Ted Neward in an in-depth 71 minute discussion around the impact of Oracle buying Sun Microsystems and how it relates to Java, MySQL, Microsoft, .NET programming languages, IBM, and other companies and topics related in the IT world.


·         Ted Neward (@ 27:28) – Blog:, Twitter:

Length: 01:12:28

Direct download: CodeCast_021.mp3 - Size: 66MB


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Categories: Oracle, Sun, Java, MySQL, Languages, IBM

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