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Wednesday, April 28, 2010
CodeCast Episode 78: iPad for Developers, iPhone OS 4, SDK section 3.3.2

In this episode of CodeCast, co-hosts Ken Levy, Markus Egger, and Gary Short discuss the new Apple iPad and how it can be used as a useful to for developers, as in a complimentary device for software developers in general. Also discussed is what’s new in upcoming iPhone/iPad OS 4, and then a vibrant conversation with facts and analysis around the controversial section 3.3.2 in the iPhone SDK 4 license agreement defining how code as to be implemented a specific way, thus impacting Adobe, Novel’s MonoTouch, and more.


·         What’s New in iPhone OS 4

·         iPhone OS 4.0 dev agreement blocks using Flash or Unity as IDEs?

·         iPhone SDK 4 Beta License Agreement (PDF)

·         MonoTouch and iPhone OS 4 Update

·         Adobe throws in the towel on Flash for iPhone

·         Steve Jobs slams Adobe Flash as unfit for iPhone

Length: 01:08:05

Direct download: CodeCast_078.mp3 - Size: 62MB


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Categories: Apple, iPad, iPhone, iPhone SDK

Thursday, January 28, 2010
CodeCast Episode 65: iPad, Tablet/Slate/Netbook PCs, Kindle, EPUB

In this episode of CodeCast, co-hosts Ken Levy and Markus Egger discuss in depth the new Apple iPad for both consumers/users and developers/businesses. This special show includes a detailed conversation of all the key details (hardware and software) of the newly announced iPad, with discussions on how it relates to PC based tablets, slates, and netbooks. The chat also includes how iPad and relative PC based devices can be used by developers in various ways for productivity and education. Plus, how the iPad is both a competitor and complement to Kindle devices and Amazon Kindle eBooks, as well as developers publishing content via EPUB format. CODE Magazine is available electronically via Kindle format which also includes reading on a PC (Mac soon), iPhone, iPod Touch, and on iPad via the free Kindle app.


·         Apple iPad

·         iLounge: First Look In Progress: Apple iPad

·         EPUB

·         CODE Magazine on Kindle store

·         CodeCast Episode 48: iPhone Development for .NET Developers

Length: 01:24:00

Direct download: CodeCast_065.mp3 - Size: 77MB


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Categories: Apple, iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, Microsoft, Multi-Touch, Tablet PC, Kindle

Thursday, October 01, 2009
CodeCast Episode 48: iPhone Development for .NET Developers

In this episode of CodeCast, co-hosts Ken Levy, Markus Egger, and Gary Short discuss in depth an overview of iPhone and iPod Touch development: getting started, perquisites, Xcode, Cocoa framework, Objective C, MonoTouch, and other related topics such as submitting apps to the Apple iTunes application store.


·         Apple Developer Connection -

·         iPhone Development Training for .NET developers, Oct 29-30 in Houston or via GoToMeeting –

Length: 75:03

Direct download: CodeCast_048.mp3 - Size: 69MB


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Categories: Apple, iPhone, iPhone SDK, iPod, iPod Touch

Monday, September 14, 2009
CodeCast Episode 45: Development Constraints with CSS, HTML, HTML 5

In this episode of CodeCast, co-hosts Ken Levy, Markus Egger, and Gary Short discuss web development constraints of CSS, HTML and upcoming HTML 5. In the brief tech news segment, the topics include recent Apple announcements including the new iPhone/iPodTouch OS 3.1 firmware and iTunes 9 update.


·         HTML 5 draft –

·         HTML 5 demos-

Length: 48:06

Direct download: CodeCast_045.mp3 - Size: 44MB


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Categories: CSS, HTML, Apple, iPhone, iPod, iTunes

Thursday, September 03, 2009
CodeCast Episode 43: Real-time vs. Cached Search, CODE in Kindle Format

In this episode of CodeCast, co-hosts Ken Levy, Markus Egger, and Gary Short discuss news on Apple, Zune HD, The Lost Symbol coming to eBook (same day as hardback), Windows phone 6.5, CODE and CODE Focus magazines on Kindle format, Xiine, upcoming new CODE Magazine website, and the latest issue of CODE magazine. Then in the main topic, an in-depth chat on real-time vs. cached search when using public search engines as well as when embedding search into an application like a website app.


·         CODE Magazine –

·         Kindle Books on

·         Advanced Twitter Search -

Length: 65:08

Direct download: CodeCast_043.mp3 - Size: 60MB


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Categories: Apple, Bing, CODE Focus, CODE Magazine, Google, iPhone, iPod, Kindle, Windows Phone, Xiine

Thursday, August 27, 2009
CodeCast Episode 42: Project Complexity, Snow Leopard, CODE Mag on Kindle

In this episode of CodeCast has Ken Levy, Markus Egger, and Gary Short discussing project complexity on the Microsoft platform in comparison with tools and technologies on the LAMP stack. These days, there are a gazillion layers and technologies in development with database, data access, business objects, services, models, view models, controllers, views, WPF, Silverlight, JavaScrispt, HTML, AJAX, unit tests, integration tests, clouds, sync, and so on, and so on. All that to build a single app? Hardly anyone understands half those things. Are we all insane? Are the PHP guys right? Also discussed is the new Snow Leopard OS for Mac from Appke, eBook Reader news, publishing books and content on the Amazon Kindle eBook store, and the CODE Magazine coming soon to the Kindle eBook store.


·         Feedback and beta participation for digital eBook content for CODE Magazine – email:

Length: 67:01

Direct download: CodeCast_042.mp3 - Size: 61MB


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Categories: Microsoft Platform, LAMP, CODE Magazine, Kindle, eBooks, Apple, Mac OS

Friday, August 21, 2009
CodeCast Episode 40: Developer Methodologies, Windows Live, and Tech News

In this episode of CodeCast, co-hosts Ken Levy and Gary Short discuss news around Windows Phone (formerly Windows Mobile), PowerBuilder 12 released by Sybase based on the free Visual Studio Shell runtime, Apple related news, GPS apps for iPhones, eBook reader content, and recent Windows Live Essentials updates. The main discussion topic is development methodologies such as agile.


·         Agile Manifesto –

·         Windows Live Essentials download –

·         iPhone Navigation App Comparison Chart

Length: 49:22

Direct download: CodeCast_040.mp3 - Size: 45MB


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Categories: Agile Development, Windows Live, Windows Phone, Apple, iPhone, eBooks

Monday, August 03, 2009
CodeCast Episode 37: ASP.NET MVC with guest Rick Strahl

In this episode of CodeCast, co-hosts Ken Levy, Markus Egger, and Gary Short are joined by returning special guest host Rick Strahl. The primary discussion, starting at marker 22:48, is on ASP.NET MVC, including what it is, what it’s for, how it relates to ASP.NET web forms, and a chat about what’s new in the V2 preview version. News discussion topics include Google CEO Eric Schmidt stepping down from the Apple board of directors, the rumor around an Apple Tablet, Radio Shack stores re-branded to The Shack, upcoming Microsoft relate stores compared to Apple retail stores, and portable devices in general.


·         Rick Strahl – Blog:, Twitter:



·         ASP.NET MVC V2 Preview 1 Released

Length: 62:49

Direct download: CodeCast_037.mp3 - Size: 58MB


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Categories: ASP.NET, ASP.NET MVC, Google, Apple, Kindle, iPod, iPhone, Sony Reader

Thursday, July 16, 2009
CodeCast Episode 31: Google Wave, Apple, with Ken Levy and Gary Short

In this episode of CodeCast, Ken Levy and Gary Short discuss summer news for developers. Topics discussed include event news, Google Wave, Apple news,, and


·         Ken Levy – Blog:, Twitter:

·         Gary Short - Blog:, Twitter:


·         Google Wave –

Length: 26:44

Direct download: CodeCast_031.mp3 - Size: 24MB


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Categories: Google, Google Wave, Bing, Apple, WolframAlpha

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